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About Baseline

It all started back in 1984.

A lot’s changed since then but we still love design, only now have a lot more experience. We were one of the first design studios in the West of England to embrace the new technology back in the eighties and we continue to invest for the future.

Over the years we’ve worked on a wide variety of projects for a diverse range of clients – the NHS, Daewoo, utility companies and publishers, but since the start the travel industry has been our specialism. We’ve produced work for many of the leading independent tour operators, and our client’s brochures have won many travel awards.


We like to produce effective design that works efficiently. We deliver to brief, on budget and on time which is why our clients stay with us.

We deal with our clients and suppliers in an honest, ethical professional manner. We supply our clients with unambigious fee structures and fulfil our production promises and we pay our suppliers on time at the agreed price.