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In Design for print

By John B

Bright new brochures for Sunvil

On 14, Dec 2011 | In Design for print, News | By John B

We’ve just finished producing four of the 2012 brochures for Sunvil Holidays – and what a bright bunch they are this year. You can see more at the Sunvil website.

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In Web

By John B

London 2012

On 23, Jul 2011 | In Web | By John B

Whatever you think about the branding for the London 2012 Olympics there’s one thing for certain – it’s memorable. You may not like the emblem, but it is uniquely recognisable and therefore doing it’s job.

It’s been a talking point since the Wolff Olins launched it in 2007 and as the coundown continues we’ve gradually got used to it. I guess the test will be whether we’ll look back and think of it as a great piece of design.

I really don’t think we’ll feel the same about the 2012 mascots.



In Web

By John B

iPad, Penultimate and the AluPen

On 12, Jul 2011 | In Web | By John B

Although I completely embrace new technology, as a designer I still don’t underestimate the importance of putting pen to paper when it comes to generating ideas. I have a pile of layout pads to hand and I like to get my ideas down on them before I transfer to the computer.
That is until now…

Now I can also use an iPad and a simple app called Penultimate. It’s one of the best notebook apps I’ve seen and with the help of an AluPen, which is an oversized stylus, I can draw and make notes directly on my iPad. I can then organise the notes into notebooks and even share the content via email. Infact this website started out as a Penultimate note.